Prospective Members

What Does CESO Offer?

Curious about how CESO can benefit your employee association or union?

Whether public or private sector, as a member of CESO, your group will have access to:

  • Collective bargaining agreements and tactics for achieving your goals face-to-face political advocacy for your job and the public good
  • Cross union surveys of work rules and benefits so you can see where you stand
  • Networking with all CESO unit members
  • Access to data developed by leading institutions concerning such issues as health care, economic conditions, local and global trade matters, and proposed or current legislation that impacts your job and our nation
  • Global professional and technical unions to gain information on their bargaining conditions and employers while providing support to one another on global labor and trade matters
  • A voice of over 7,000 professional and technical workers on broad issues like state and national legislation that impacts everyone