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CESO Beginnings

Long time professional labor advocate, Mr. Harold Ammond formed the concept of CESO in 1967.  Mr. Ammond had already served the labor world for several years when he went on to serve for many years as the president of the Association of Scientists and Professional Engineering Personnel (ASPEP) who worked for the RCA Corporation at the time.

In 1967, ASPEP had its third strike against RCA and Harold became aware that there was a lack of information on the problems facing professional unions.  Harold traveled the nation to visit similar unions to communicate over the common problems and issues that vexed professional unions.  In 1968, union leaders met in Florida and they established the Council of Engineers and Scientists Organization (CESO) as a loose federation of independent unions.  The first CESO meeting was held in San Francisco in March 1969.  CESO was established as a non-profit, mutual benefit association in California in 1970.